The purpose of the Toolkit is to provide the business consultant with a range of materials relating to the Experience Economy to support them in their work with SMEs. In the training section you can find multlingual versions for download including both the training module, toolkit and handbook.

What is the ExBased Programme? (PDF)
What is the ExBased Toolkit? (PDF)
What is Experience Economy? (PDF)

Handbook  A simple introduction to the Experience Economy with examples for consultants and businesses. 

Handbook (PDF)


The Customer Experience Tool (PDF)
Illustrations for the Customer Experience Tool (PDF)
The Five Senses Tool (PDF)
The Prioritizing Tool (PDF)
Personal Recollections - Exercise (PDF)

Examples of a range of businesses that have used aspects of the Experience Economy in their business development.

Case Studies (PDF)
Case Collection (ZIP)

Other relevant EU funded projects in the area of crerativity and business development that has inspired this project.