Denmark: South Denmark European Office

The South Denmark European Office (SDEO) is a public partnership organization situated in Brussels funded and owned by the 22 municipalities and the regional authority. The office is an instrument for the region's development policies and a support function for the international activities of the local and regional public authorities. SDEO's activities aim to support and catalyze a dynamic development of competencies and skills in the region and to stimulate local and regional growth.

SDEO's main objective is to create networks and broad regional cooperation in order to develop and implement projects with the participation of local and / or regional actors within areas such as regional development, competence development, enterprise networks and clusters, regional framework conditions, energy, environment and RTD.

In the region of South Denmark, experience-based business development (termed 'design, image and branding') forms part of the region's current development strategy. Figures from the region point to significant potential for further growth: currently, 6,500 employees from within South Danish companies work with styling, image and branding. In ten years, the field has grown with 43 per cent.

Together with Business Academy South West and House of Business Aabenraa, SDEO forms the Danish partnership in the ExBased project. This three-string Danish partnership ensures both local and regional coverage in the project and widely diffused benefits to and awareness in the region of South Denmark of experience economy as a strategic tool for business and product development.

More info: www.southdenmark.be