Denmark: House of Business Aabenraa

Erhvervenes Hus Aabenraa (EHAA), or in English House of Business Aabenraa, is a not-for-profit business development organization based in the most southern part of Denmark. We are, on behalf of the municipality of Aabenraa, offering free business support to all companies and entrepreneurs in the municipality. In addition to this we are the joint administration of the local business association in the municipality, which have around 600 members.

We undertake tasks like: - Individual management consultancy of businesses - Individual coaching of entrepreneurs - Projects to create business development in Aabenraa - Providing relevant information and new knowledge to our members through newsletters, meetings and workshops - Taking part in dialogues regarding local business development strategies and policies. Our goal is to be able to help the companies in our municipality prepare for tomorrow - in essence to create business development through innovation.

More info: www.ehaa.dk