United Kingdom: Creative Industries Development Agency

CIDA applies creativity and innovation to bring about sustainable development for economic and social benefit.

CIDA is an independent company established in January 2000 to increase the capacity of the creative sector to contribute to national and regional economic prosperity. In the first 10 years, CIDA:

  • Supported 3776 SMEs
  • Assisted 438 new start up enterprises
  • Secured over £34 million for the UK's creative sector
  • Worked in 31 countries, from Albania to Zimbabwe

Working internationally across creative and business sectors, CIDA has evolved methodologies for creativity and innovation that are transferable to traditional businesses and organisations of all sizes, working in all sectors.
CIDA recognises the importance of the experience economy in enabling SMEs to achieve their potential. CIDA advocates engagement with the experience economy as an intrinsic component of creative and innovative business practice.

More info: www.cida.org